The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon


The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon

BEELZEBUB began his tale as follows:

“After we arrived on the planet Mars where we were directed to exist, we began slowly to settle down

“We were still fully absorbed in the bustle of organizing everything externally necessary for a more or less tolerable existence in the midst of that Nature absolutely foreign to us, when suddenly, on one of the very busiest days, the whole planet Mars was shaken, and a little later such an ‘asphyxiating stink’ arose that at first it seemed that everything in the Universe had been mixed up with something, one might say ‘indescribable.’

“Only after a considerable time had passed and when the said stink had gone, did we recover and gradually make out what had happened.

“We understood that the cause of this terrible phenomenon was just that same planet Earth which from time to time approached very near to our planet Mars and which therefore we had possibilities of observing clearly, sometimes even without a ‘Teskooano.’

“For reasons we could not yet comprehend, this planet, it transpired, had ‘burst’ and two fragments detached from it had flown off into space.

“I have already told you that this solar system was then still being formed and was not yet ‘blended’ completely with what is called ‘The-Harmony-of-Reciprocal-Maintenance-of-All-Cosmic-Concentrations.’

“It was subsequently learned that in accordance with this said ‘General-Cosmic-Harmony-of-Reciprocal-Mainte­-
nance-of-All-Cosmic-Concentrations’ there had also to
function in this system a comet of what is called ‘vast orbit’ still existing and named the comet ‘Kondoor.’