The Impudent Brat Hassein, Beelzebub’s Grandson,
Dares to Call Men “Slugs”

Then Beelzebub said: “About them I could tell you a great deal, for I often visited that planet and existed among them for a long time and even made friends with many of those terrestrial three-brained beings.

“Indeed, you will find it very interesting to know more about these beings, for they are very peculiar.

“There are many things among them which you would not see among any other beings of any other planet of our Universe.

“I know them very well, because their arising, their further development, and their existence during many, many centuries, by their time calculation, have occurred before my eyes.

“And not only their own arising occurred before my eyes, but even the accomplished formation of the planet itself on which they arise and exist.

“When we first arrived on that solar system and settled on the planet Mars nothing yet existed on that planet Earth, which had not yet even had time to cool off completely after its concentration.

“From the very beginning, this same planet has been the cause of many serious troubles to our ENDLESSNESS.

“If you wish I will tell you first of all about the events of general cosmic character connected with this planet, which were the cause of the said troubles of our ENDLESSNESS.

“Yes, my dear Grandfather,” said Hassein, “tell me first about this. It will surely be quite as interesting as everything you relate.”