Becoming Aware of Genuine Being-Duty

“The time of your present age is not given you in which to pay for your existence, but for preparing yourself for the future, for the obligations becoming to a responsible three-brained being.

“So in the meantime, exist as you exist. Only do not forget one thing, namely, at your age it is indispensably necessary that every day, at sunrise, while watching the reflection of its splendor, you bring about a contact between your consciousness and the various unconscious parts of your general presence. Try to make this state last and to convince the unconscious parts—not as if they were conscious—that if they hinder your general functioning, they, in the period of your responsible age, not only cannot fulfill the good that befits them, but your general presence of which they are part will not be able to be a good servant of our COMMON ENDLESS CREATOR and by that will not even be worthy to pay for your arising and existence.

“I repeat once more, my dear boy, try in the meantime not to think about these questions, which at your age it is still early for you to think about.

“Everything in its proper time!

“Now ask me to tell you whatever you wish, and I will do so.

“As the captain has not yet returned, he must be occupied there with his duties and will not be coming back so soon.”