The System of Archangel Hariton


The System of Archangel Hariton

AND indeed, soon after this rumor, practical experiments open to all, again under the superintendence of the Great Archangel Adossia, were made with this new and later very famous invention.

“This new system was unanimously acknowledged to be the best, and very soon it was adopted for general Universal service and thereafter gradually all previous systems were entirely superseded.

“That system of the Great Angel, now Archangel, Hariton is now in use everywhere at the present day.

“The ship on which we are now flying also belongs to this system and its construction is similar to that of all the ships built on the system of the Angel Hariton.

“This system is not very complicated.

“The whole of this great invention consists of only a single ‘cylinder’ shaped like an ordinary barrel.

“The secret of this cylinder lies in the disposition of the materials of which its inner side is made.

“These materials are arranged in a certain order and isolated from each other by means of ‘amber.’ They have such a property that if any cosmic gaseous substance whatever enters the space which they enclose, whether it be ‘atmosphere,’ ‘air,’ ‘ether,’ or any other ‘totality’ of homogeneous cosmic elements, it immediately expands, owing to the mentioned disposition of materials within the cylinder.

“The bottom of this cylinder-barrel is hermetically sealed, but its lid, although it can be closely shut, yet is so arranged on hinges that at a pressure from within it can be opened and shut again.