The Cause of the Delay in the Falling of the Ship Karnak

“I once happened to notice that during two of our years they ‘tunneled,’ so to say, the whole of their planet.

“They were compelled to undertake this task on account of the abnormal local climatic conditions, which are due to the fact that this planet arose unexpectedly, and the regulation of its climatic harmony was therefore not prearranged by the Higher Powers.

“The ‘climate’ of this planet is ‘mad,’ and in its variability it could give points to the most highly strung hysterical women existing on another of the planets of that same solar system, of which I shall also tell you.

“Sometimes there are such frosts on this ‘Moon’ that everything is frozen through and through and it becomes impossible for beings to breathe in the open atmosphere; and then suddenly it becomes so hot there that an egg can be cooked in its atmosphere in a jiffy.

“For only two short periods on that peculiar little planet, namely, before and after its complete revolution about its neighbor—another planet nearby—the weather is so glorious that for several rotations the whole planet is in blossom and yields the various products for their first being-food greatly in excess of their general need during their existence in that peculiar intraplanetary kingdom which they have arranged and where they are protected from all the vagaries of this ‘mad’ climate inharmoniously changing the state of the atmosphere.

“Nearest to that small planet is another, a larger planet, which also occasionally approaches quite close to the planet Mars and is called Earth.

“The said Moon is just a part of this Earth and the latter must now constantly maintain the Moon’s existence.

“On the just mentioned planet Earth, also, three-brained beings are formed; and they also contain all the data for coating higher being-bodies in themselves.