The Cause of the Delay in the Falling of the Ship Karnak

“The external form of these three-centered beings is like that of a ‘Toosook,’ that is, it resembles a kind of ‘double sphere,’ the upper sphere serving to contain the principal organs of the whole planetary body, and the other, the lower sphere, the organs for the transformation of the first and second being-foods.

“There are three apertures in the upper sphere, opening outwards; two serve for sight and the third for hearing.

“The other, the lower sphere, has only two apertures: one in front for taking in the first and second being-foods, and the other at the back for the elimination from the organism of residues.

“To the lower sphere are also attached two very strong sinewy feet, and on each of these is a growth that serves the purpose of fingers with us.

“There is still another planet, a quite small one, bearing the name Moon, in that solar system, my dear boy.

“During its motion this peculiar little planet often approached very near to our planet Mars and sometimes during whole ‘Kilprenos’ I took great pleasure in observing through my ‘Teskooano*’ in my observatory the process of existence of the three-brained beings upon it.

“Though the beings of this planet have very frail ‘planetary bodies,’ they have on the other hand a very ‘strong spirit,’ owing to which they all possess an extraordinary perseverance and capacity for work.

“In exterior form they resemble what are called large ants; and, like these, they are always bustling about, working both on and within their planet. 

“The results of their ceaseless activity are now already plainly visible.

* “Teskooano” means “telescope.”