The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“And as regards the third kind of Hasnamuss-individual, namely, when the highest being-body of a three-brained being becomes such, and when this certain something participates in his coating in such a quality that he never loses the possibility of freeing himself from it, the matter is still more terrible, chiefly because he—as a higher cosmic arising, who according to the foreseeing FIRST-SOURCED-PRINCIPLE-OF-EVERYTHING-EXISTING was predetermined to serve the aim of helping the government of the whole increasing World, and on whom from the moment of the completion of his formation, even when he was not yet perfected in Reason, was placed the responsibility for every subjective voluntary as well as involuntary manifestation—has the possibility to succeed in eliminating from his presence this something, exclusively only by the action of the results of intentionally actualized Partkdolg-duty, that is to say, of ‘conscious-labors-and-intentional-sufferings.’

“Hence such a higher being-body must inevitably always suffer correspondingly, having already acquired the gradation of what is called the ‘degree-of-cognition-of-one’s-own-individuality,’ until this certain something is entirely eradicated from his common presence.

“As a place for the suffering existence of such a high order of
Hasnamuss-individuals, the HIGHER-SACRED-INDIVIDUALS
have intentionally allotted, from the totality of the large cosmic concentrations, four planets, disharmonized in their subjective functioning, situated in various most remote corners of our Great Universe.