The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“The second kind of Hasnamuss-individual is that Kesdjan body of a three-brained being which is coated in his common presence with the participation of that same something and which, acquiring—as is proper to such a cosmic arising—the property of ‘Toorinoorino,’ that is, non-decomposition in any sphere of that planet on which he arose, has to exist, by being formed again and again in a certain way, such as he is, until this certain something will have been eliminated from him.

“The third kind of Hasnamuss-individual is the highest being-body or soul, during the coating of which in the common presence of a three-brained being this something arises and participates; and he also acquires the property of Toorinoorino, but this time proper to this highest being-body; that is to say, this arising is no longer subject to decomposition not only in the spheres of that planet on which he had his arising, but also in all other spheres of the Great Universe.

“The fourth kind of Hasnamuss-individual is similar to the third, but with this difference, that the Hasnamuss of the third kind has the possibility of at some time succeeding in becoming so to say ‘cleansed’ from this something, whereas for this fourth kind such a possibility is lost forever.

“That is why this fourth kind of Hasnamuss is called an ‘Eternal-Hasnamuss-individual.’

“For these four kinds of Hasnamuss-individuals, owing to their having in their presences this something, the mentioned retributive-suffering-consequences are various and correspond both to the nature of each kind as well as to what is called ‘objective-responsibilities’ ensuing from the primordial providence and hopes and expectations of our COMMON FATHER concerning these cosmic actualizations.