The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“If these separate aspects of the entire ‘spectrum’ of Naloo-osnian-impulses are described according to the notions of your favorites and expressed in their language, they might then be defined as follows:

(1) Every kind of depravity, conscious as well as unconscious

(2) The feeling of self-satisfaction from leading others astray

(3) The irresistible inclination to destroy the existence of other breathing creatures

(4) The urge to become free from the necessity of actualizing the being-efforts demanded by Nature

(5) The attempt by every kind of artificiality to conceal from others what in their opinion are one’s physical defects

(6) The calm self-contentment in the use of what is not personally deserved

(7) The striving to be not what one is.

“This certain ‘something’ which arises in the presences of definite individuals owing to the enumerated Naloo-osnian-impulses, besides being the cause of what are called ‘serious-retributive-suffering-consequences’ for these individuals themselves, also has the particularity, that as soon as the action of what is called ‘intense-effort’ ceases in one of these individuals, the radiations proper to one or other of the aspects of the manifestations of this ‘something’ have a greater effect on those around him and become a factor for engendering the same in them.

“In the common presence of every kind of three-brained being, there can arise during the process of his planetary existence, four kinds of independent Hasnamuss-individuals.

“The first kind of Hasnamuss-individual is a three-brained being who, while acquiring in his common presence that something, still consists only of his planetary body and who, during the process of his sacred Rascooarno, is subject to the corresponding consequences of the presence in him of the properties of this something and is thus destroyed forever such as he is.