The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“And those to blame for the final destruction of these said usages and customs that still remained in certain communities, were those learned beings who were then assembled in the city of Babylon.

“And they were then to blame in this respect owing to the following:

“When owing to that famous question of the Beyond, they organized the ‘general-planetary-conference’ of all the learned beings there, there happened to be also among the learned beings who went to Babylon on their own accord, the great-grandson of Lentrohamsanin himself, who had also become a learned being.

“And he took with him, there to the city of Babylon, an exact copy of the mentioned Kashireitleer, but made on papyrus, the original of which had been inscribed by his great-grandfather and which he had obtained by inheritance, and at the very height of the ‘frenzy’ concerning the ‘question-of-the-soul’ during one of the last big general meetings of the learned beings, he read aloud the contents of that maleficent ‘invention’ of his great-grandfather’s; whereupon, it occurred—as it had also become proper to the ‘sorry-learned-beings’ of this planet, thanks to their strange Reason—that from one question which interested them, they at once passed to quite another, namely, from the question ‘of-the-soul’ to the question of what is called ‘politics.’

“Thereupon in the city of Babylon, meetings and discussions again began everywhere concerning the various kinds of already existing state-organizations and those which in their opinion ought to be formed.