The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“Thereupon began that usual maleficent what is called ‘mutual inflation,’ which had already long been practiced among the learned beings of new formation and chiefly on account of which no true knowledge which has chanced to reach them ever evolves there as it does everywhere else in the Universe, even merely from the passage of time itself; but, on the contrary, even the knowledge once already attained there is destroyed, and its possessors always become shallower and shallower.

“And the rest of the learned beings then began shouting and pushing each other in order to get near Lentrohamsanin; and addressing him as their ‘long-awaited-Messiah’ they conveyed to him by their admiring glances what is called their ‘high-titillation.’

“The most interesting thing about it all is that the reason why all the other learned beings were so greatly amazed and so freely gave vent to what are called their ‘learned snivellings’ lay in a certain extremely strange conviction which had been formed in the psyche of your favorites, thanks as always to the same abnormally established conditions of ordinary existence, that if anybody becomes a follower of an already well-known and important being, he thereby seems to be to all other beings almost as well known and important himself.

“So it was on the strength of his being very rich, and what is more important, already very famous, that all the other learned beings of that time, of the country Nievia, immediately manifested themselves approvingly towards this Lentrohamsanin.

“Well then, my dear boy, when after the said banquet, the learned beings of Nievia returned home, they immediately began firstly to speak among their neighbors and later more and more widely, here, there and everywhere,
about that unprecedented Kashireitleer itself, and, secondly, already foaming at the mouth, to persuade and convince everybody of the truth of those ‘revelations’ which that great Lentrohamsanin had inscribed on this Kashireitleer.