The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“So, with all his presence he dreamed and ruminated how he could attain this.

“For many days he then thought seriously, and finally he decided first of all to invent a theory upon a topic which nobody before him had ever touched upon; and secondly, to inscribe this ‘invention’ of his upon such a Kashireitleer as nobody had ever before inscribed or would ever be able to in the future either.

“And from that day, he made preparations for the actualizing of that decision of his.

“With the help of his many slaves he first prepared a Kashireitleer such as had never before existed.

“At that period of the flow of time on the planet Earth, the Kashireitleers were generally made from one or another part of the hide of a quadruped being called there ‘buffalo,’ but Lentrohamsanin made his Kashireitleer from a hundred buffalo hides joined together.

“These Kashireitleers were replaced there later by what is called ‘parchment.’

“Well, when this unprecedented Kashireitleer was ready, the subsequently great Lentrohamsanin inscribed upon it his invention concerning a topic which, indeed, it had occurred to nobody to discuss before, and for which, in truth, there was no reason why it should have been.

“Namely, in those wiseacrings of his, he then criticized in every way the existing order of collective existence.

“This Kashireitleer began thus:

“ ‘Man’s greatest happiness consists in not being dependent on any other personality whatsoever, and in being free from the influence of any other person, whoever he may be!’