The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“To give their son the very best ‘upbringing’ and ‘education’ the Earth could provide, became for them, as it is said there, their ‘Ideal.’

“With this aim, they hired for him various what are called ‘tutors’ and ‘teachers,’ both from among those existing in the country Nievia and from various distant lands.

“These latter, that is, these foreign ‘tutors’ and ‘teachers,’ they then invited chiefly from the country which at the present time is called ‘Egypt.’

“Already by the time this terrestrial what is called ‘Papa’s-and-Mama’s-darling’ was approaching the age of a responsible being, he was, as it is said there, very well ‘instructed’ and ‘educated,’ that is, he had in his presence a great deal of data for all kinds of being ‘egoplastikoori,’ consisting, as it is usual there according to the abnormally established conditions of their existence, of various fantastic and dubious information; and later, when he became a responsible being he manifested himself automatically through all kinds of corresponding accidental shocks.

“When this later great learned being there reached the age of a responsible being, and although he had indeed a great deal of information or, as it is called there, ‘knowledge,’ nevertheless, he had absolutely no Being in regard to this information or knowledge which he had acquired.

“Well, when the said Mama’s-and-Papa’s-darling became a learned being there of new formation, then because on the one hand there was no Being whatsoever in his presence, and on the other hand because there had already by this time been thoroughly crystallized in him those consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer which exist there under the names of ‘vanity,’ ‘self-love,’ ‘swagger,’ and so forth, the ambition arose in him to become a famous learned being not only among the beings of Nievia, but also over the whole of the surface of their planet.