The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“Towards the end of his activities in acquiring riches, ‘the-source-of-the-active-principle-of-his-origin,’ or, as it is said there, his father, had several of his own what are called ‘caravans’ and he also owned special ‘caravansaries’ for the exchange of goods in various cities of this same Nievia.

“And ‘the-source-of-the-passive-principle-of-his-origin,’ that is, his mother, was at first of the profession of what is called ‘Toosidji,’ but later, on a small mountain, she organized what is called a ‘Holy-place’ and published broadcast among other beings information concerning its supposed special significance, namely, that beings of the female sex, without children would, on visiting this place, acquire the possibility of having them.

“When this couple, in what is called ‘the-decline-of-their-years,’ had already become very rich, they moved to the capital city Kronbookhon in order to exist there, but only for their own pleasure.

“But soon they felt that without a real ‘result’ or as they say there ‘in-childlessness,’ there cannot be full pleasure, and from that time on, without sparing what is called ‘money,’ they took every kind of measure to obtain such a result.

“With this end in view, they visited various Holy-places existing there for that purpose, of course with the exception of their own ‘Holy-mountain,’ and resorted to every kind of what are called ‘medical means’ which purported to assist the blending of heterogeneous Exioëharies; and when eventually by chance such a blending was actualized, then there indeed arose, after a certain time, just that long-awaited result of theirs, later called Lentrohamsanin.

“From the very first day of his arising, the parents were, as it is said, completely wrapped up in what they described as their ‘God-sent-result’ or son; and they spent
vast sums on his pleasures and on what was called his ‘education.’