The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“I repeat, my boy, at a suitable occasion I shall explain to you in detail also about those results issuing from the abnormally established conditions of ordinary existence there, which became factors for the arising and the permanent existence there of this for them maleficent assignment of themselves to various castes.

“I shall without fail explain this to you, because the information elucidating this abnormality there, may serve as very good data for your further logical comparisons for the purpose of better understanding the strangeness of the psyche of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy.

“Meanwhile transubstantiate in yourself the following: when the mentioned particular psychic property of ‘egoism’ had been completely formed in the common presences of these favorites of yours, and, later, there had also been formed in them various other secondary impulses already mentioned by me which ensued and now still continue to ensue from it—and furthermore, in consequence of the total absence of the participation of the impulse of sacred conscience in their waking-consciousness—then these three-brained beings arising and existing on the planet Earth, both before the period of the Very Saintly Activities of Ashiata Shiemash and also since have always striven and still continue to strive to arrange their welfare during the process of their ordinary existence, exclusively for them themselves.

“And as in general, on none of the planets of our great Universe does there or can there exist enough of everything required for everybody’s equal external welfare, irrespective of what are called ‘objective-merits,’ the result there is that the prosperity of one is always built on the adversity of many.