The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“And this proceeded because in those of them who chance to receive and experience some kind of what is called ‘shock-to-organic-shame,’ the associations proceeding from their previous impressions almost always become changed, calmed, and sometimes even for a time entirely cease in them, which associations as I have already told you, consist mostly of various kinds of what is called ‘rubbish.’

“In consequence, there is then automatically obtained, in these three-brained beings there, such a combination of functioning in their common presences as temporarily frees the data present in their subconsciousness for the manifestation of the Divine impulse conscience and for its participation in the functioning of their ordinary consciousness, with the result that this said Remorse-of-Conscience proceeds in them.

“And as this Remorse-of-Conscience gives rise to the mentioned particular crystallizations which issue from them with their other radiations, the result is that the totality of all these radiations occasionally gives the atmosphere of this planet of yours that particular coloration which hinders the being-organ of sight from penetrating freely through it.

“Here it is necessary to say, that these favorites of yours, particularly the contemporary ones, become ideally expert in not allowing this inner impulse of theirs, called Remorse-of-Conscience, to linger long in their common presences.

“No sooner do they begin to sense the beginning, or even only, so to say, the ‘prick’ of the arising of the functioning in them of such a being-impulse, than they immediately, as it is said ‘squash’ it, whereupon this impulse, not yet quite formed in them, at once calms down.

“For this ‘squashing’ of the beginning of any Remorse-of-Conscience in themselves, they have even invented some very efficient special means, which now exist there under the names of ‘alcoholism,’ ‘cocainism,’ ‘morphinism,’ ‘nicotinism,’ ‘onanism,’ ‘monkism,’ ‘Athenianism,’ and others with names also ending in ‘ism.’