The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“To teach and to suggest to their children how to be insincere with others and deceitful in everything, has become so ingrained in the beings of the planet Earth of the present time, that it has even become their conception of their duty towards their children; and this kind of conduct towards their children they call by the famous word ‘education.’

“They ‘educate’ their children never to be able and never to dare to do as the ‘conscience’ present in them instinctively directs, but only that which is prescribed in the manuals of ‘bon ton’ usually drawn up there just by various candidates for ‘Hasnamusses.’

“And of course when these children grow up and become responsible beings, they already automatically produce their manifestations and their acts; just as during their formation they were ‘taught,’ just as they were ‘suggested to,’ and just as they were ‘wound up’; in a word, just as they were ‘educated.’

“Thanks to all this, the conscience which might be in the consciousness of the beings of that planet is, from their earliest infancy, gradually ‘driven-back-within,’ so that by the time they are grown up the said conscience is already found only in what they call their subconsciousness.

“In consequence, the functioning of the mentioned data for engendering in their presences this said Divine impulse conscience, gradually ceased long ago to participate in that consciousness of theirs by means of which their waking-existence flows.