The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“The mentioned duality of their general psyche proceeded because on the one hand various what are called ‘individual-initiatives’ began to issue from that localization arising in their presences, which is always predominant during their waking existence, and which localization is nothing else but only the result of the accidental perceptions of impressions coming from without, and engendered by their abnormal environment, which perceptions in totality are called by them their ‘consciousness’; and on the other hand, similar individual-initiatives also began to issue in them, as it is proper to them, from that normal localization existing in the presences of every kind of being and which they call their subconsciousness.

“And because the mentioned individual-initiatives issue from such different localizations during their waking-existence, each of them, during the process of his daily existence is, as it were, divided into two independent personalities.

“Here it must be remarked that just this said duality was also the cause that there was gradually lost from their presences that impulse necessary to three-brained beings, which is called ‘sincerity.’

“Later, the practice of deliberately destroying the just mentioned being-impulse called Sincerity even took root among them, and now, from the day of their arising, or, as they say, from the day of their ‘birth,’ the three-brained beings there are accustomed by their producers—or, as they say, ‘parents’—to an entirely contrary impulse, namely, ‘deceit.’