The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“ ‘In consequence of this, every three-centered being of our Great Universe, and also we men existing on the Earth, must, owing to the presence in us also of the factors for engendering the Divine impulse of “Objective Conscience,” always inevitably struggle with the arising and the proceeding within our common presences of two quite opposite functionings giving results always sensed by us either as “desires” or as “non-desires.”

“ ‘And so, only he, who consciously assists the process of this inner struggle and consciously assists the “non-desires” to predominate over the desires, behaves just in accordance with the essence of our COMMON FATHER CREATOR HIMSELF; whereas he who with his consciousness assists the contrary, only increases HIS sorrow.’

“Owing to all I have just said, my boy, at that period scarcely three years had passed when, on the one hand, all the ordinary beings of the town Djoolfapal and its environs and also of many other countries of the continent Asia, not only already knew that this Divine being-impulse of ‘genuine conscience’ was in them, and that it could take part in the functioning of their ordinary ‘waking consciousness,’ and that in all the brotherhoods of the great prophet Ashiata Shiemash all the initiates and priests elucidated and indicated how and what had to be done in order that such a Divine impulse should take part in the functioning of the mentioned ordinary waking consciousness, but furthermore, nearly everybody even began to strive and to exert himself to become priests of the brotherhood Heechtvori of which many brotherhoods were already founded during that period and functioned almost independently in many other countries of the continent Asia.