The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“According to my latest investigations, when, in all the separate spiritualized parts of the common presences of these two three-brained beings of that period, Poundolero and Sensimiriniko, there arose and was continuously sensed the suspicion, which later became a conviction, that, owing to some obviously nonlawful causes, ‘something-very-undesirable’ for them personally had been acquired and had begun to function in their general organization and that at the same time it was possible for this something-very-undesirable to be removed from themselves by means of their own data within themselves, they then sought several other beings like themselves who were striving for this same aim, in order together to try to achieve the removal from themselves of this said something-very-undesirable.

“And when they soon found beings responding to this aim amongst what are called the ‘monks’ of places called ‘monasteries’ of which there were already many of that period in the environs of the town Djoolfapal, they together with these monks chosen by them, founded the said ‘brotherhood.’

“And so, after arriving in the town Djoolfapal, the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash established corresponding relations with these brethren of the mentioned brotherhood who were working upon that abnormally proceeding functioning of their psyche which they themselves had constated, and he began enlightening their Reason by means of objectively true information, and guiding their being-impulses in such a way that they could sense these truths without the participation either of the abnormally crystallized factors already within their presences, or of the factors which might newly arise from the results of the external perceptions they obtained from the abnormally established form of ordinary being-existence.