“The Terror-of-the-Situation”

“This strange and for your favorites maleficent disease ‘tomorrow’ has already become a hindrance for the beings of contemporary times, not only because they have been totally deprived of all possibilities of removing from their presences the crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, but it had also become a hindrance to most of them in honestly discharging at least those being-obligations of theirs which have become quite indispensable in the already established conditions of ordinary being-existence.

“Thanks to the disease ‘tomorrow,’ the three-brained beings there, particularly the contemporary ones, almost always put off till ‘later’ everything that needs to be done at the moment, being convinced that ‘later’ they will do better and more.

“Owing to the said maleficent disease ‘tomorrow’ most of those unfortunate beings there who accidentally or owing to a conscious influence from without, become aware through their Reason in them of their complete nullity and begin to sense it with all their separate spiritualized parts, and who also chance to learn which and in what way, being-efforts must be made in order to become such as it is proper for three-brained beings to be, also, by putting off from ‘tomorrow’ till ‘tomorrow,’ almost all arrive at the point that on one sorrowful day for themselves, there arise in them and begin to be manifest those forerunners of old age called ‘feebleness’ and ‘infirmity,’ which are the inevitable lot of all cosmic formations great and small toward the end of their completed