“The Terror-of-the-Situation”

“And as regards that ‘marble tablet’ which has by chance survived since the time of the Very Saintly Activities of the Great Ashiata Shiemash, and is now there the principal sacred relic of the brotherhood of the initiated beings called the Brotherhood-Olbogmek, I happened to see and read the
contents engraved on it during this last sojourn of mine there.

“During my subsequent elucidations it turned out that later on, when this Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash had established there the particular conditions of ordinary being-existence which He had planned, several of these tablets were, on His advice and initiative, set up in corresponding places of many of the large towns, and there were engraved upon them all kinds of sayings and counsels for corresponding existence.

“But when their big wars later on again began, all these tablets were also destroyed by these strange beings themselves, and only one of them, namely, that one now with these brethren, somehow survived, as I have already told you, and is now the property of this Brotherhood.

“On this still surviving marble were inscriptions concerning the sacred being-impulses called Faith, Love, and Hope, namely:

“ ‘Faith,’ ‘Love’, and ‘Hope’

Faith of consciousness is freedom
Faith of feeling is weakness
Faith of body is stupidity.

Love of consciousness evokes the same in response
Love of feeling evokes the opposite
Love of body depends only on type and polarity.

Hope of consciousness is strength
Hope of feeling is slavery
Hope of body is disease.