“The Terror-of-the-Situation”

“ ‘The contemporary three-centered beings here do at times believe, love, and hope with their Reason as well
as with their feelings; but how they believe, how they love, and how they hope—ah, it is exactly in this that all the peculiarity of these three being-properties lies!

“ ‘They also believe, but this sacred impulse in them does not function independently, as it does in general in all the three-centered beings existing on the various other planets of our Great Universe upon which beings with the same possibilities breed; but it arises dependent upon some or other factors, which have been formed in their common presences, owing as always to the same consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer—as or instance, the particular properties arising in them which they call “vanity,” “self-love,” “pride,” “self-conceit,” and so

“ ‘In consequence of this, the three-brained beings here are for the most part subject just to the perceptions and fixations in their presences of all sorts of “Sinkrpoosarams” or, as it is expressed here, they “believe-any-old-tale.”

“ ‘It is perfectly easy to convince beings of this planet of anything you like, provided only during their perceptions of these “fictions,” there is evoked in them and there proceeds, either consciously from without, or automatically by itself, the functioning of one or another corresponding consequence of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer crystallized in them from among those that form what is called the “subjectivity” of the given being, as for instance: “self-love,” “vanity,” “pride,” “swagger,” “imagination,” “bragging,” “arrogance,” and so on.

“ ‘From the influence of such actions upon their degenerated Reason and on the degenerated factors in their localizations, which factors actualize their being-sensations, not only is there crystallized a false conviction concerning the mentioned fictions, but thereafter in all sincerity and faith, they will even vehemently prove to those around them that it is just so and can in no way be otherwise.