“The Terror-of-the-Situation”

“ ‘At this period of my “self-preparation,” I had the intention upon reaching responsible age, of carrying out the task laid upon me, through one or other of the said three sacred being-impulses also.

“ ‘But when during this period of my “self-preparation” I chanced to meet many beings of almost all “types” formed and existing here in the city of Babylon, and when during my impartial observations, I constated many traits of their being-manifestations, there crept into me and progressively increased an “essence-doubt” as to the possibilities of saving the three-centered beings of this planet by means of these three sacred ways.

“ ‘The different manifestations of the beings I then encountered, which increased my doubts, gradually convinced me that these consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, having passed by heredity through a series of generations over a very long period of time, had ultimately so crystallized in their presences, that they now reached contemporary beings already as a lawful part of their essence, and hence these crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer are now, as it were, a “second nature” of their common presences.

“ ‘So, when I finally became a responsible being, I decided that before making my choice among the mentioned sacred ways, I would bring my planetary body into the state of the sacred “Ksherknara,” that is, into the state of “all-brained-balanced-being-perceptiveness,” and only when already in that state, to choose the way for my further activities.

“ ‘With this aim, I then ascended the mountain “Veziniama,” where for forty days and nights I knelt on my knees and devoted myself to concentration.