Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“In the charge of the spirits standing on duty on the right is just that place called Paradise.

“It is a place of indescribable beauty and splendiferousness. In that Paradise are magnificent fruits in abundance and endless quantities of fragrant flowers, and enchanting sounds of cherubic songs and seraphic music constantly echo in the air; and many other things were also enumerated whose outer reactions according to the perceptions and cognitions abnormally inherent in the three-brained beings of that strange planet are likely to evoke in them, as they say, ‘great-satisfaction,’ that is to say, the satisfaction of those needs formed in their common presences, which are criminal for three-centered beings to possess, and the totality of which have driven out from their presences everything, without exception, that was put into them by our COMMON FATHER and which it is imperative for every three-brained being to possess.

“In the charge of the spirits standing on duty on the left of the scales, who, according to this Babylonian teaching, are the devils, there is what is called Hell.

“Concerning Hell it was said that it is a place without vegetation, always unimaginably hot, and without a single drop of water.

“In that Hell sounds constantly echo of fearful ‘cacophony’ and infuriated offensive ‘abuse.’

“Everywhere there are instruments of every conceivable torture from the ‘rack’ and the ‘wheel’ to instruments for lacerating bodies and mechanically rubbing them with salt, and so on of the same kind.

“In the Babylonian idealistic teaching, it was minutely explained that in order that his soul should enter this Paradise, the man must constantly strive while on Earth to provide more material for the notebook of the spirit angel sitting on his right shoulder, otherwise there would be more material for the records of the spirit sitting on  the left shoulder, in which case, such a man’s soul would inevitably go to this most awful Hell.”