Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“From the very first day these spirits—the spirit-of-good and the spirit-of-evil—record in their ‘notebooks’ all the manifestations of the man, the spirit sitting on his right
shoulder recording all those called his ‘good manifestations’ or ‘good deeds,’ and the spirit sitting on his left shoulder, the ‘evil.’

“Among the duties of these two spirits is that of suggesting to and compelling a man to do more of those manifestations which are in their respective domains.

“The spirit on the right constantly strives to make the man refrain from doing those actions which are in the domain of the opposite spirit, and, perforce, more of those in his own domain.

“And the spirit on the left does the same, but vice versa.

“In this strange teaching it was further said that these two ‘spirit-rivals’ are always combating each other, and that each strives with might and main that the man should do more of those actions which are in his domain.

“When the man dies, these spirits leave his physical body on the Earth and take his soul to God who exists somewhere ‘up-in-Heaven.’

“There up-in-Heaven this God sits surrounded by his devoted archangels and angels, and suspended in front of him is a pair of scales.

“On each side of the scales, ‘spirits’ stand on duty. On the right, stand the spirits who are called ‘servants of Paradise’ and these are the angels; and on the left stand the ‘servants of Hell’ and these are the devils.

“The spirits which have sat on the man’s shoulder all his life bring his soul after death to God, and God then takes from their hands the notebooks in which the notes have been recorded of all the man’s actions; and He places them on the ‘pans of the scales.’

“On the right pan He puts the notebook of the angel; and on the left pan the notebook of the devil, and, according to the pan which falls, God commands the spirits on duty standing on the given side to take this soul into their charge.