Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“ ‘During this time I have even myself written a very lengthy work on this “question-of-the-beyond”; and many of those present here have surely become acquainted with my logical mentation and most probably there is not one of you here who does not envy this logical mentation of mine.

“ ‘Yet at the same time I now honestly declare to you all, that concerning this “question-of-the-beyond” I myself, with the whole of the knowledge that has been accumulated in me, am neither more nor less than just an “idiot-cubed.”

“ ‘There is now proceeding among us in the city of Babylon the general public “building-of-a-tower” by means of which to ascend to “Heaven” and there to see with our own eyes what goes on there.

“ ‘This tower is being built of bricks which outwardly all look alike, but which are made of quite different materials.

“ ‘Among these bricks are bricks of iron and wood and also of “dough” and even of “eider down.”

“ ‘Well then, at the present time, a stupendously enormous tower is being built of such bricks right in the center of Babylon, and every more or less conscious person must bear in mind that sooner or later this tower will certainly fall and crush not only all the people of Babylon, but also everything else that is there.

“ ‘As I personally still wish to live and have no desire to be crushed by this Babylonian tower, I shall therefore now immediately go away from here, and all of you, do as you please.’

“He uttered these last words while leaving, and ran off and since that time, I never saw that sympathetic Assyrian again.