Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“So that you may be able to put yourself in the place of that sympathetic Assyrian, I shall also explain to you that in general on your planet, then in the city of Babylon as well as at the present time, all the theories on such a question as they call it of ‘the beyond,’ or any other ‘elucidation-of-details’ of any definite ‘fact,’ are invented by those three-brained beings there in whom most of the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer are completely crystallized, in consequence of which there actively functions in their presence, that being-property, which they themselves call ‘cunning.’ Owing to this, they consciously—of course consciously only with the sort of reason which it has already become long ago proper for them alone to possess—and moreover, merely automatically, gradually acquire in their common presence the capacity for ‘spotting’ the weakness of the psyche of the surrounding beings like themselves; and this capacity gradually forms in them data which enable them at times to sense and even to understand the peculiar logic of the beings around them, and according to these data, they invent and propound one of their ‘theories’ concerning this or that question; and because, as I have already told you, in most of the three-brained beings there, owing to the abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence established there by them themselves, the being-function called ‘instinctively-to-sense-cosmic-truths’ gradually atrophies, then, if any one of them happens to devote himself to the detailed study of any one of these ‘theories,’ he is bound, whether he wishes or not, to be persuaded by it with the whole of his presence.

“Well, my boy, already seven of their months after our arrival in the city of Babylon I once went with this friend of mine there, Hamolinadir, to what is called a ‘general-learned-conference.’

“This ‘general-learned-conference’ had already been convened at that time by the learned beings previously brought there by force; and thus there were at this conference not only the learned forcibly assembled there by the mentioned Persian king who in the meantime had already got over his craze about the science of ‘alchemy,’ and forgotten all about it, but many other learned also from other communities who had voluntarily gathered as they then said ‘for-the-sake-of-science.’

“At this ‘general-learned-conference’ that day, the reporters spoke by lot.