Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“And all the atheistic theories maintained just the opposite.

“In short, my boy, when we arrived in the city of Babylon there was then proceeding what is called the ‘Building-of-the-Tower-of-Babel.’ ”

Having uttered these latter words, Beelzebub became a little thoughtful and then continued as follows:

“Now I wish to explain to you about the expression I just used, namely, the ‘Building-of-the-Tower-of-Babel.’ This expression is very often used on your planet by the contemporary three-brained beings there also.

“I wish to touch upon this expression frequently used there and to elucidate it to you chiefly because firstly I chanced to be a witness at that time of all the events which gave rise to it, and secondly because the history of the arising of this expression and its transubstantiation in the understanding of your contemporary favorites can very clearly and instructively elucidate to you that, thanks as always to the same abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence, no precise information of events there which have indeed occurred to beings of former epochs ever reaches beings of later generations. And if, by chance, something like this expression does reach them, then the fantastic Reason of your favorites constructs a whole theory on the basis of just one expression such as this, with the result that those illusory ‘being-egoplastikoori,’ or what they call ‘psychic-picturings’ increase and multiply in their presences owing to which there has arisen in the Universe the strange ‘unique-psyche’ of three-brained beings which every one of your favorites has.