Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“This Persian king-conqueror then took from Egypt all the learned beings present there, both the native and those who had come from other communities; and among their number were then also several called ‘Egyptian priests,’ descendants of just those learned members of the society Akhaldan who had chanced to escape, and who had been the first to populate that country.

“When a little later a fresh craze arose in the presence of this peculiar Persian king, the craze for the process itself of the destruction of the existence of other beings similar to himself, and which supplanted the former craze, he forgot about the learned beings and they began to exist there freely in the city of Babylon awaiting his further directions.

“The learned beings collected in this way there in the city of Babylon from almost the whole of the planet used often to meet together and of course to discuss among themselves, as it is proper to the learned beings of the planet Earth, questions which were either immeasurably beyond their comprehension, or about which they could never elucidate anything useful whatsoever, either for themselves or for ordinary beings there.

“Well, it was just during these meetings and discussions that there arose among them, as it is in general proper to arise among learned beings there, what is called ‘a-burning-question-of-the-day,’ a question which in some way or other indeed interested them at that time to, as they say, ‘their very marrow.’

“The question which chanced to become the-burning-question-of-the-day so vitally touched the whole being of every one of them, that they even ‘climbed down’ from their what are called ‘pedestals’ and began discussing it not only with the learned like themselves, but also here, there and everywhere with anyone they chanced to come across.