Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

During this last explanation Hassein interrupted Beelzebub with the following words:

“Dear Grandfather, I do not understand why the issuing of the required vibrations for the purpose of the actualization of this most great cosmic process should depend on a definite region of the surface of the planet.”

To this question of his grandson, Beelzebub replied as follows:

“As before long I intend to make the special question of those terrifying processes of reciprocal destruction which they call ‘wars’ the theme of my tales concerning the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, it is better to defer this question of yours also until this special tale, because then, I think, you will understand it well.”

Having said this, Beelzebub again continued to relate about the Babylonian events.

“When the peculiar Persian king I mentioned began, thanks to the hordes in subjection to him, to conquer beings of other communities and to seize by force the learned among them, he assigned as a place for their congregation and existence the said city of Babylon, to which they were taken in order that this lord of half the then continent of Asia could thereafter freely examine them in the hope that one of them might perhaps happen to know the secret of turning cheap metal into the metal gold.

“With the same aim he even made at that time a special what is called ‘campaign’ into the country Egypt.

“He then made this special campaign there because the learned beings of all the continents of the planet were assembled there at that period, the opinion being widely spread there that more information for their various
‘sciences’ was to be obtained in this Egypt than anywhere else on their planet.