Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“His serious thinking first led his Reason to the understanding that, without any doubt, one or other of the learned beings of his community was aware of this ‘secret’ also, but since among beings of that clan, this strict keeping of a ‘professional’ mystery was very strongly developed, nobody, of course, was willing to reveal it.

“The result of his serious thinking was that he became aware that it was necessary not merely to question, but to examine the learned beings about this mystery.

“The same day, he gave appropriate instructions to his nearest corresponding assistants, and the latter already began to ‘examine,’ after the manner that had already long before been the way of power-possessing beings to examine ordinary beings.

“And when this peculiar Persian king became finally convinced that the learned beings of this community indeed knew nothing about this mystery, he began to look for learned beings in other communities to whom this mystery might be known.

“As the kings of the other communities were unwilling to offer their learned beings for ‘examination,’ he decided forcibly to compel these unconquered kings to do so. And from that time on, at the head of numerous hordes in subjection to him, he began with their help to make what are called ‘military excursions.’

“This Persian king had many hordes in subjection to him because at that period, from the region of the surface of this planet of yours where that community was situated and over which he happened to be king, there had been intensified in the presences of the beings, even before this time, according to what is called the ‘foreseeing-adaptation’ of Great Nature, the what is called ‘birth rate’; and at the given period, there was being actualized that
which was demanded for the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, that is to say, from this region of the surface of your planet there had to issue more of those vibrations arising from the destruction of being-existence.”