Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“The first fact is that almost from the time of the loss of the continent Atlantis, there gradually began to be crystallized, and during later centuries became completely crystallized in the presence of every one of your favorites there, a particular ‘inherency’ thanks to which that being-sensation which is called ‘happiness-for-one’s-being’—which is experienced from time to time by every three-brained being from the satisfaction of his inner self-evaluation—appears in the presences of your favorites exclusively only when they acquire for their own possession a great deal of that popular metal there called

“A greater misfortune for them arising from this particular ‘inherency’ in their common presences is that the mentioned sensation due to the possession of the said metal is strengthened by the beings around the possessor and also by beings who learn about it only by what is called ‘hearsay’ and have not themselves been convinced by personal corresponding perceptions; and it is, moreover, the established custom there never to consider through which kind of being-manifestations he becomes the possessor of a great quantity of this metal, and such a being there becomes for all those around him one who evokes in their presences the functioning of that crystallized consequence of the property of the organ Kundabuffer
called ‘envy.’

“And the second fact is this, that when in the presences of your favorites their chief particularity functions ‘crescendently’ and, according to the established custom among their different communities, the process of the reciprocal destruction of each other’s existence proceeds, then afterwards, when this property, only maleficent for them themselves, has run its course, and they temporarily cease these processes of theirs, then the king of that community in which a greater number of subjects survive, receiving the title of conqueror, usually takes for himself
everything belonging to the beings of the conquered community.