The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

“It was just then, that in the general functioning of my Reason there was also associated among other things the following:

“Good! . . . If none of the benefits already formerly attained by the Reason of the beings of the continent Atlantis for ordinary being-existence has become the possession of the contemporary beings of this planet, then this might perhaps be logically explained simply because for cosmic reasons, not issuing at all from and not depending upon the three-brained beings there, that second great ‘cataclysm not according to law’ occurred, during which, not only that continent itself perished, but also everything which existed on it.

“But this Egypt!

“Was not its magnificence still quite recent?

“There is no denying it . . . owing to the third small catastrophe to that ill-fated planet, and also to the fifth, about which I shall speak later, this part also of its surface, it is true, suffered, having been covered with sands. . . . Nevertheless, the three-brained beings dwelling there did not perish, but were only scattered over various other parts of the same continent, and consequently, whatever new exterior conditions may have ensued, there should have survived in their presences, it would seem, the crystallized results of the perfected factors, transmitted to them by inheritance for normal ‘being-logical-mentation.’

“And so, my boy, being desirous after this distressful ‘Alstoozori’ of mine, or as your favorites would say, ‘sorrowful reflections,’ to clear up for myself the very essence of the cause also of this lamentable fact there, I understood at the end of my minute investigations, and became aware with all my being, that this abnormality there proceeds exclusively owing only to one remarkable aspect of the chief particularity of their strange psyche, namely,
that particularity which has become completely crystallized and is an inseparable part of their common presences and which serves as a factor for the periodic arising in them of what is called the ‘urgent need to destroy everything outside of themselves.’