The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

“There is no need for us to draw any other logical conclusion from this issuing source specially actualized for them; it will be sufficient merely to say that the name itself of this map of theirs shows that the designations
made on it cannot in any way be other than entirely relative, because with the possibilities at their disposal—though they break their esteemed heads over devising names and calculating various kinds of measurements—they can see from the surface of their planet only those suns and planets which to their good fortune do not very quickly change the course of their falling in relation to their own planet and thus give them the possibility during a long period of time—of course long as compared with the brevity of their own existence—to observe them and, as they bombastically express themselves, ‘mark down their positions.’

“In any case, my boy, however worthless the results of the activities of these contemporary representatives of ‘learning’ among your favorites, please don’t be angry with them. If they do not bring any benefit at all to your favorites, they at least do not do them any great harm.

“After all, they must be occupied with something.

“It is not for nothing that they wear spectacles of German origin and special smocks sewed in England.

“Let them! Let them be occupied with this! God bless them!

“Otherwise like most of the other freaks there who are occupied with, as they say there, ‘higher matters,’ they will busy themselves, out of boredom, ‘leading the struggle of five against one.’

“And it is known to all that the beings who are occupied with these matters always radiate from themselves vibrations very harmful for beings around them similar to themselves.