The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

“The mentioned constructions had been begun long before by one of what are called there ‘Pharaohs,’ the name by which the beings of that region called their kings; and at the time of my fourth flight to the Earth and my first visit to this place, the special constructions he had begun were already being completed by his grandson, also a Pharaoh.

“Although the observatory which interested me was not yet quite finished, nevertheless observations of the exterior visibility of cosmic concentrations could be made from it, and the results issuing from them and the reciprocal action of these results could be studied.

“Those beings who were occupied with such observations and studies were called, at that period on the Earth, ‘Astrologers.’

“But when afterwards that psychic disease of theirs called wiseacring became finally fixed there, owing to which these specialists of theirs also ‘shriveled and shrank’ and became specialists only in giving names to remote cosmic concentrations, they came to be called ‘Astronomers.’

“Inasmuch as the difference in significance and sense, in relation to surrounding beings, between those from among the three-brained beings who have taken your fancy who at that time were such professionals, and those who have now, as it were, the same occupation, might show you, so to say, ‘the obviousness of the steady deterioration of the degree of crystallization’ of data engendering the ‘sane logical mentation,’ which ought to be present in the common presences of your favorites as three-brained beings, I therefore find it necessary to explain to you and to help you to have an approximate
understanding of this difference, which is also changing for the worse.