The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

“On the very first day of my arrival in the city of Thebes, one of the beings of our tribe existing there told me among other things, in the course of our conversation, that the beings of the Earth of that locality had devised a new system for observing other cosmic concentrations from their planet, and that they were then constructing what was required in order to carry it into effect; and also, as everybody there said, that the convenience and possibilities of this new system were excellent and until then unparalleled on the Earth.

“And when he had related all he had himself seen with his own eyes, I immediately became greatly interested, because from his description of certain details of this new construction there, it seemed to me that these terrestrial beings had perhaps found a means of overcoming that inconvenience about which I myself had just previously been thinking a great deal while I was completing the construction of my observatory on the planet Mars.

“And so I decided to postpone for a while my first intention of immediately going further south on that continent to collect the apes I needed, and instead, to go first where the said construction was being made, in order on the spot to become personally acquainted with it from every aspect, and to find out all about it.

“Well then, the day following our arrival in the city Thebes, accompanied by one of the beings of our tribe who already had many friends there, and also by the chief constructor of the said construction, and of course by our Ahoon also, I went this time on what is called a ‘Choortetev’ down the tributary of that great river now called the ‘Nile.’

“Near where this river flowed into a large ‘Saliakooriapnian area’ those constructions were just being completed, one part of which then interested me.

“The district itself, where the work was being carried on both for this new, what they called ‘observatory,’ and for several other constructions for the welfare of their being existence, was then called ‘Avazlin’; a few years
later it came to be called there ‘Caironana,’ and at the present time it is simply called the ‘outskirts of Cairo.’