The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

Chapter XXIII

The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

BEELZEBUB continued thus:

“I descended for the fourth time to that planet Earth owing to the request of my essence-friend Gornahoor Harharkh.

“I must first of all tell you that after I had met this Gornahoor Harharkh and had become friendly with him, I always, during our ‘subjective exchange of opinions,’ whenever we again met, shared my impressions with him about the strange psyche of the three-centered beings of that planet of yours.

“And the result of these exchanges of opinion of ours concerning your favorites was that he finally also became so interested in them that he once even very seriously asked me to keep him always informed, even if only approximately, of my observations of them, and thereafter I sent to him, just as I did to your uncle Tooilan, copies of all my brief-notes concerning the strange particularities of their psyche.

“And how Gornahoor Harharkh came to be the cause of this descent of mine ensued from the following:

“I have already told you that after my third personal descent to your planet, I occasionally for a rest ascended to the planet Saturn to this friend of mine.

“When during these flights to him I had become convinced of his great learning, the idea once arose in me to invite him to descend on our ship Occasion to the planet Mars, in order there, on the spot, to help me personally with his knowledge in the details of arranging my observatory which was just then being completed.