Beelzebub for the First Time in Tibet

“That is why His Conformity Archangel Looisos is at the present time hastily winding up his current affairs in order to set off there.”

“So, dear Ahoon,” commented Beelzebub, and he added, “Thank you for this information. . . . Glory be to our CREATOR . . . what you have just said will probably help to destroy in my presence the anxiety which arose in me when I first constated the abnormal growth of those said Tibetan mountains, namely, my anxiety for the complete disappearance from the Universe of the precious memory of our Endlessly Revered Wisest of the Wise, Mullah Nassr Eddin.”

Having said this, and giving his face its usual expression, Beelzebub continued thus:

“Through that region now called Tibet, we then continued our route, encountering hardships of every kind, and finally came to the source of the river called the Keria-chi and a few days later, sailing down to the Sea of Beneficence, we came to our ship Occasion.

“Although after this third descent of mine to your planet Earth, I did not go there in person for a considerable time, nevertheless, from time to time I attentively observed these favorites of yours, through my big Teskooano.

“And I had no reason for a long time to go there personally on account of the following:

“After returning to the planet Mars I soon became interested there in a work which the three-brained beings of the planet Mars were just then carrying out on the surface of their planet.