Beelzebub for the First Time in Tibet

“Around the outside wall, on its inner side, stood a row of small, strongly built, closely adjoining compartments, like cells.

“It was just these same ‘cells’ that represented the difference between this monastery and other monasteries in general on the planet Earth.

“These sentry-box structures were entirely walled in on all sides, except that near the bottom they had a small aperture through which, with great difficulty, a hand could be thrust.

“These strong sentry-box structures were for the perpetual immurement of the already ‘deserving’ beings of that sect—and they were to occupy themselves with their famous manipulation of what they call their ‘emotions’ and ‘thoughts’—until the total destruction of their planetary existence.

“And so, it was when the wives of these ‘self-tamer-sectarians’ learned of just this that they made the said great outcry.

“In the fundamental religious teaching of this sect there was a full explanation of just what manipulations and for how long a time it is necessary to produce them upon oneself in order to merit being immured in one of the strongly built cells, there to receive every twenty-four hours a piece of bread and a small jug of water.

“At that time when we came within the walls of that terrible monastery, all these monstrous cells were already occupied; and the care of the immured, that is, giving them once in twenty-four hours, through the aforementioned tiny apertures, a piece of bread and a small jug of water, was carried out with great reverence by those sectarians who were candidates for that immurement, and
who, while waiting their turn, existed in the said large building that stood in the monastery square.