Beelzebub for the First Time in Tibet

“As I then made clear to myself during the night’s conversation, before the migration of the followers of that sect to this isolated place they had already invented in Pearl-land a special form of ‘suffering,’ namely, they had decided to settle somewhere in some inaccessible place where other beings similar to themselves, not belonging to the sect and not initiated into its ‘arcana,’ should not prevent them from producing upon themselves this same ‘suffering’ of special form which they had invented.

“When after long searching they finally found this same place which we had happened to come upon—a place well suited for such a purpose as theirs—they, already solidly organized and materially secured, migrated together with their families, with great difficulties, there to that place almost inaccessible to their ordinary countrymen; and this place they then first called, as I have already told you, ‘Sincratorza.’

“At first, while they were settling down in this new place, they more or less agreed among themselves; but when they began carrying out in practice the special form of ‘suffering’ they had invented, their families and especially their wives, having learned what this special form of suffering consisted in, rebelled, and made a great outcry about it, with the result that a schism occurred.

“The said schism among them had occurred not long before our chance meeting with them, and at the time when we came upon that Sincratorza, they were already beginning little by little to migrate to other places which they had recently found and which were even more suitable for an isolated existence.

“For a clear understanding of what follows, you must know about the fundamental cause of the schism among these sectarians.