Beelzebub for the First Time in Tibet

“We traveled under these conditions more than a month of their time, and finally we came upon a small settlement of the three-brained beings who, as it appeared later, had only recently migrated there from Pearl-land.

“As we afterwards learned, this settlement was called ‘Sincratorza’; and when this region was subsequently populated and this same place became the principal center for all the beings of that region, the whole country also came to be called by the same name.

“The name of this place was afterwards changed several times and now it is called ‘Tibet.’

“As we chanced to meet the said beings just as night was coming on, we asked them for, as it is said, a ‘night’s lodging.’

“And when they gave us permission to pass the night under their shelter we were very glad at the prospect of a night’s rest, since, indeed, we were all so exhausted by the constant warfare with these wild beings that, both for ourselves and especially for our biped workers, it was now imperative to pass at least one night in peace.

“In the course of the evening talk, it transpired that all the beings of this settlement belonged to the sect then famous in Pearl-land under the name ‘The Self-tamers,’ which had been formed from among the followers of just that religion which, as I have already told you, purported to be based on the direct instructions of Saint Buddha.

“There is no harm in noticing in this connection that the beings of that planet had still another peculiarity which had long before become proper to them alone, and which consists in this, that no sooner does a new common Havatvernoni, or religion, arise among them than its followers immediately begin to split up into different parties
each of which very soon creates its own, as it is called, ‘sect.’