The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“So, my boy, when I made this clear to myself there
in Pearl-land, I at once decided to use this error of theirs for the accomplishment of my aim.

“There in Pearl-land also, just as in the city Gob, I first ‘invented-a-detailed-addition’ to the mentioned religious teaching, and afterwards by every possible means I began spreading this invention of mine.

“I began to spread there in Pearl-land that that ‘Most-Sacred-Prana,’ about which our Divine Teacher Saint Buddha had explained, is already present not only in people, but also in all the other beings that arise and exist on our planet Earth.

“A particle of that fundamental Most Great Great All-embracing, namely, the Most-Sacred-Prana, has already from the very beginning settled in every form of being of every scale, breeding on the surface of the planet, in the water, and also in the atmosphere.

“I regret to have to say here, my boy, that I was then constrained more than once to emphasize that these words had been uttered by the very lips of Saint Buddha Himself.

“The several beings there with whom I had meanwhile established ‘friendly’ relations, and whom without any discussion I first of all persuaded there of that invention, not only immediately fully believed it, but afterwards also very effectually helped me, of course unconsciously, in spreading this new invention of mine.

“Here also these friends of mine always and everywhere very zealously and passionately proved to other beings like themselves, that this was just so and could not possibly be otherwise.

“In short, there in Pearl-land, owing to this second invention of mine, the desired results were unexpectedly rapidly brought about.