The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“So, my boy, as soon as I had made this misunderstanding clear to myself and had clearly constated that the beings of that country Pearl-land were all, without exception, convinced that they were already particles of Mister Prana himself, I then at once decided to use this misunderstanding, and there also to attain my aim through that religion of theirs.

“Before saying more about this, it must without fail be noticed that concerning these same explanations of Saint Buddha’s, namely, that He had supposedly said that beings already have in themselves, at their arising, a particle of the Most Great Greatness, my personal detailed investigations quite clearly showed me that He never could possibly have said just that.

“And He could not have said it because, as the same detailed investigations of mine have cleared up to me, when Saint Buddha once happened to be among His devoted disciples in the locality ‘Senkoo-ori,’ He definitely said:

“ ‘If this most sacred Prana is crystallized in you, consciously or unconsciously on the part of your “I,” you must without fail bring the perfecting of the individual Reason of the totality of its most holy atoms to the required gradations; otherwise this most holy coating will, changing various exterior coatings, suffer and languish eternally.’

“Here it is interesting to notice that concerning this they were warned by still another Saint-Individual, also a genuine Messenger from Above, namely, the Saint Kirmininasha.

“And this Saint and genuine Messenger gave this warning to them in the following words:

“ ‘Blessed is he that hath a soul; blessed also is he that hath none; but grief and sorrow are to him that hath in himself its conception.’