The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“And this has been foreseen and created in this manner by our COMMON CREATOR in order that when these certain
parts of the Great All-embracing, already spiritualized by Divine Reason, return and reblend with the great Prime Source of the All-embracing, they should compose that Whole which in the hopes of our
COMMON ENDLESS UNI-BEING may actualize the sense and the striving of all that exists in the whole of the Universe.

“Further, it seems Saint Buddha also told them:

“ ‘You, three-centered beings of the planet Earth, having the possibility of acquiring in yourselves both chief fundamental, universal, sacred laws, have the full possibility also of coating yourselves with this most sacred part of the Great All-embracing of everything existing and of perfecting it by the required Divine Reason.

“And this Great All-embracing of all that is embraced, is called “Holy Prana.” ’

“This quite definite explanation of Saint Buddha was well understood by his contemporaries and many of them began, as I have already said, to strive with eagerness, first to absorb and to coat in their presences the particle of this Most Great Greatness and afterwards to ‘make-inherent’ to it Divine Objective Reason.

“But when the second and third generations of the contemporaries of Saint Buddha began wiseacring with His explanations of cosmic truths, they just wiseacred with their peculiar Reason and fixed—for its transmission—a very definite notion to the effect that that same ‘Mister Prana’ already begins to be in them immediately upon their arising.

“Thanks to this misunderstanding, the beings of that period and of all subsequent generations including the contemporary, have imagined and still imagine that without any being-Partkdolg-duty they are already parts of that Most Great Greatness, which Saint Buddha Himself had personally very definitely explained.