The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“So, my boy, from that time when the mentioned definite notion had begun to exist, your favorites began leaving those already established conditions of being-existence on account of which the predisposition to the crystallization of the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer had become intense in their presences, and in which conditions, as the Divine Teacher Buddha supposed, the said ‘endurance’ towards others’ manifestations displeasing to oneself could alone crystallize in their common presences that ‘Partkdolg-duty’ which in general is necessary for all three-centered beings.

“And so, for the purpose of this famous ‘suffering’ of theirs, many of the three-centered beings of that planet of yours, either singly or in groups, that is to say, with others who thought as they did, began from then on to go away from amongst beings similar to themselves.

“They even organized special colonies for this purpose, where, although existing together, they nevertheless arranged everything so as to produce this ‘endurance’ of theirs in solitude.

“It was just then that their famous what are called ‘monasteries’ came into existence, which exist down to the present time and in which, as it were, certain of your contemporary favorites as they say, ‘save their souls.’

“When I first visited that Pearl-land, most of the three-brained beings there, as I have already said, were followers of that same religion which was based, as it were, on
the exact counsels and indications of Saint Buddha Himself, and the faith of every one of these beings in this religion was unshakably firm.