The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“Saint Buddha first assembled many of the chiefs of that group and spoke to them as follows:

“ ‘Beings possessing presences similar to that of the ALL-CREATOR HIMSELF!

“ ‘By certain all-enlightened and all-justly guiding most sacred final results of the actualization of everything existing in the Universe, my essence has been sent to you to serve as a helping factor in the striving of each of you to free yourselves from the consequences of those abnormal being-properties which, in view of highly important common cosmic needs, were implanted in the presences of your ancestors and, passing by heredity from generation to generation, have reached you also!’

“Saint Buddha spoke again about this a little more in detail but only to certain beings there initiated by him.

“This second time, as it turned out, he then expressed himself in the following words:

“ ‘Beings with presences for actualizing the hope of our COMMON FATHER!

“ ‘Almost at the beginning of the rise of your race, there occurred in the process of the normal existence of the whole of this solar system, an unforeseen accident which threatened serious consequences for everything existing.

“ ‘For the regulation of that common universal misfortune there was then required, among other measures, according to the explanations of certain Most High, Most Most Sacred Individuals, a certain change in the functioning of the common presences of your ancestors, namely, there was implanted into their presences a certain organ with special properties, owing to which everything external perceived by their whole presences and transformed for
their own coating was afterwards manifested not in accordance with reality.