The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“My dear Grandfather, during your tales you have already many times used the expression Hasnamuss. I have until now understood only from the intonation of your voice and from the consonance of the word itself, that by
this expression you defined those three-brained beings whom you always set apart from others as if they deserved ‘Objective-Contempt.’

“Be so kind as always and explain to me the real meaning and exact sense of this word.”

Whereupon Beelzebub, with a smile inherent to him, said as follows:

“Concerning the ‘typicality’ of the three-brained beings for whom I have adopted this verbal definition, I shall explain it to you at the proper time, but meanwhile know that this word designates every already ‘definitized’ common presence of a three-brained being, both those consisting only of the single planetary body as well as those whose higher being-bodies are already coated in them, and in which for some reason or other, data have not been crystallized for the Divine impulse of ‘Objective-Conscience.’ ”

Having said only this in defining the word Hasnamuss, Beelzebub continued to speak:

“During my detailed studies of the mentioned religious teaching I also clarified that after this Sacred Individual had become finally coated with the presence of a three-brained being there and had seriously pondered how to fulfill the task that had been laid upon him from Above, he decided to attain this by means of the enlightenment of their Reason.

“Here it must without fail be noticed that by that time there had already been crystallized in the presence of Saint Buddha, as the same detailed researches of mine had made clear, a very clear understanding that in the process of its abnormal formation, the Reason of the three-centered beings of the planet Earth results in a Reason called ‘instincto-terebelnian,’ that is, a Reason which functions only from corresponding shocks from without; yet in spite of this, Saint Buddha decided to carry out his task by means of this peculiar Reason of theirs, that is, this Reason peculiar to the three-centered beings there; and therefore, he first of all began informing their peculiar Reason with objective truths of every kind.