The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“A few of these destroyers of pearl-bearing beings then sailed to the continent Atlantis, and having exchanged their pearls for various articles which were still lacking in the new place, they returned, bringing with them their own families as well as the families of those who had remained.

“Later several of these first settlers of this—for the beings then of that time—‘new’ country visited their native land from time to time for the purpose of exchanging pearls for articles required by them there; and each time they took back with them a further number of beings, either their relatives or their kinsmen or just laborers indispensable to their extensive work.

“So, my boy, from that time on, that part also of the surface of the planet Earth became known to all the three-brained beings there under the name of ‘Land-of-Beneficence.’

“In this way, before the second great catastrophe to the planet Earth, many beings of the continent Atlantis already existed on this part of the continent Ashhark also, and when that second catastrophe occurred to your planet, then many of the beings who chanced to be saved from the continent Atlantis, chiefly those who already had relatives and kinsmen in that Pearl-land, also gradually collected there.

“Owing, as always, to their ‘fecundity,’ they gradually multiplied there and began to populate this part of the terra firma of their planet, more and more.

“At first they populated there in Pearl-land only two definite regions, namely, the regions around the mouths of the two large rivers which flowed from the interior of Pearl-land into the large water-space, just in those places near which many of the mentioned pearl-bearing beings bred.

“But when the population there greatly increased, they began to populate also the interior of that part of the continent Ashhark; but nevertheless their favorite regions continued to be the valleys of the two mentioned rivers.