The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“This one-brained being in which the said pearl is formed used to breed in the ‘Saliakooriapnian,’ or water-areas, surrounding the continent Atlantis; but in consequence of the great demand for the said pearl and therefore of the great destruction of these one-brained ‘pearl-bearing beings,’ soon none were left near this continent.
Thereupon, when those beings there who made the aim and sense of their existence the destruction of these pearl-bearing beings, that is to say, who destroyed their existence only in order to procure that part of their common presence called pearl merely for the gratification of their quite absurd egoism, found no more of these said pearl-bearing beings in the water-area nearest to the continent Atlantis, they, that is, these ‘professionals,’ then began to look for them in other water-areas and gradually moved further and further away from their own continent.

“Once during these searches of theirs, owing to what are called ‘Saliakooriapnian-displacements,’ or as they say, prolonged ‘storms,’ their rafts came unexpectedly to a place where there proved to be a great number of these pearl-bearing beings; and the place itself was extremely convenient for their destruction.

“These water-areas where the destroyers of the pearl-bearing beings then chanced to come and where these beings bred in large numbers, were just those water-areas which surround the place then called Pearl-land and now called Hindustan or India.

“For the first days, the aforementioned terrestrial professionals of that time who had chanced to arrive there did nothing but gratify to the full their inclinations, which had already become inherent to their presences in respect of the destruction of these one-brained beings of their planet; and it was only later, after they had also by chance found out that almost everything required for ordinary existence arose in abundance on the neighboring terra firma, that they decided never to return to Atlantis but to settle there for their permanent existence.